This is my story

Dessert stylist and decorations designer

My name is Marco Failla, welcome to my world.
I was born and raised in Sicily, and one of my first memories goes back to when I was a little child and I used to help my “nonna” while she was baking with such admirable devotion and love. I grew up baking for friends and family, but in a few years I achieved one of my personal desire of that time, baking my first wedding cake. So from home baker to professional dessert stylist, always travelling around the world to learn new recipes and new techniques, I decided to share my story and a new vision of cake design.
Despite all of my works and events, I really feel that my journey is just began! Come on board and join me in this sweet and exciting adventure.


Cake First!

I believe that every single ingredients has a its own story to tell and each recipe is a secrets that i learnt during my life experience, from home baker to professional cake designer. That’s why everything I use for my cakes and desserts is absolutely fresh and organic, without industrial aromas.
Each ingredient will be combined to create a unique new story and a new luxury experience.



Decoration and sweet table design is the art of creating a dreamy landscape for my desserts.
Fresh flower arrangements and the finest and luxury details, are the perfect mix to a show-stopping experience for any occasion.

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